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Why Invest Into
The Symphony Set

A Creation of New Sound For a New Millennium

This historic opportunity to leave a lasting impact on mankind by commissioning the creation of the Symphonic Set comes at no small cost. The full set of instruments for a 53 piece symphony will cost $856,500. There are already has a number of organizations, including the reputed Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, who are hoping for the opportunity to play on the Symphonic Set of instruments crafted in your name.

With this legacy investment, you have the freedom to do as you wish with the Symphonic Set. The Symphonic Set can be a traveling privilege bearing your name and legacy, on loan or rent to different organizations at different times. Of course, the set could be donated to a symphony or organization of your choosing as well.

The level of prestige and worldwide recognition involved with the Symphonic Set, the first of its kind, will be great indeed – perhaps unmatched in the arts. Most have at least heard of a Stradivarius instrument. Soon the world may recognize your instruments in a similar way. Demand for the Symphonic Set will be very high – by musicians, conductors, individuals desiring a set of their own, and, of course, by audiences worldwide.

In speaking of prestige, it should also be noted that the Symphonic Set will be unique, and very limited. It will us about one year to craft the Symphonic Set from the date it is commissioned. The resources immediately to your left will help to further inform you of certain aspects of our shop and the historical significance of a Symphonic Set.

It would be an honor for us to meet with you and further explain in person the unique commission of the Symphonic Set.  Please do us the great pleasure of contacting us

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