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Creating the Voice of Strings, since 1992

We are a Midwest shop established in 1992, born from the vision and design of Luthier Anton Krutz. He and his team of skilled craftsmen build a series of Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses5-StringsMandolins, and Guitars created for students through professionals!

Every KRUTZ instrument brings together the full ensemble of components: wood, varnish, strings and most importantly, expertise. It's the synergy of these components that gives every KRUTZ string instrument a voice.

Creating the Voice of Strings has been achieved
by Luthier Anton Krutz and his craftsmen after
decades of hand crafting instruments in the
Midwest for some of the finest string players
in the world. KRUTZ is now the only shop in the
world creating violins, violas, cellos and basses
on a professional level with this richly imbued 
voice ... the Voice of Strings... existing within
each instrument.

Anton began as a young artist, developing his violin making skills. He then pursued the bounds of the instruments' acoustics in an avant-garde fashion, relentlessly enhancing every nuance of the process. The culmination of richness, power and versatile expression in his instruments' voice began to fill concert halls. As his reputation grew so did his desire to provide this voice to all levels of string players, which has led to the full line of KRUTZ instruments for students as well as professional players.

KRUTZ recognizes that a player is a co-creator, choosing to use a string instrument to express the essence of the soul. KRUTZ instruments' voice empowers that self expression.

Played by professional musicians in orchestras around the world!

New York Philharmonic    Boston Symphony Orchestra    Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra  Kansas City Symphony    Virginia Symphony    Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra    Kaohsiung Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan    Arkansas Symphony Orchestra    Los Angeles Philharmonic North Carolina Symphony    Israel Philharmonic Orchestra    Southern California Philharmonic

and many more!

Learn about our KRUTZ Featured Artists!

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