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He attended and graduated from the internationallyknown Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City and then concentrated on the restoration of valuable instruments. Working in different prestigious shops across the country he ended up in the violin shop of Philip Injean across from Carnegie Hall and then with the David Gage Bass shop in New York. Anton later moved to Kansas City joining his father Misha Krutz. Now Anton builds his own instruments and enjoys an international reputation. His instruments are owned and played by many of today's prominent musicians.

Anton Krutz instruments bring together the best in materials, design and construction to create the powerful, expressive sound sought by soloists and professional ensemble players. Master Luthier Anton Krutz personally crafts these instruments, beginning with his selection of acoustically vibrant curly maple and spruce from KRUTZ' carefully aged stock. His craftsmanship includes precise arching and graduations and a unique mineral ground and varnish treatment that gives each instrument its timbre and Bel Canto voice, similar to that of the fine Italian masters.


The "Golden Proportion" was widely used by renaissance artists. Luthiers used Golden Proportion geometry to visually and acoustically construct their instruments.


Although the Cremonese makers created different models and arches, their instruments have in common a depth and richness of sound that is best described as a Bel Canto voice. This was due to the application of an opaque mineral layer which became transparent when impregnated with varnish. This coating on an instrument's surface accentuates the color-palette of sound, while filtering the shrill overtones.

These principles and traditions are alive in the violins, violas, cellos and basses made by Anton Krutz. When played together they produce an unparalleled unity of sound.


Anton's effervescent, go for it positive approach has enhanced his natural creativity. Anton is a master luthier who loves to make things work. 


Music is the strongest catalyst for emotion - it's about love, hate and everything in between. If you think about life without emotion, without music, it really has no meaning. 

Anton Krutz, luthier and founder of KRUTZ Strings
was born in Leningrad, Russia, into a family rich in musical history. Two of his grandparents were Leningrad conservatory graduates and both parents were music majors as well. Grandfather Lev Krutz was a violinist with the Leningrad Symphony Orchestra. During one of the darkest hours of WWII, he participated in the historic debut of the Leningrader Symphony by Dmitry Shostakovich. This live broadcast inspired all of Russia. Anton began making violins at age twelve in Kansas City, apprenticing to master luthier Earsel Atchley (the first American to enter a Quartet in an International European making competition). 

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