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A lasting legacy impacting the very fabric of mankind. A catalyst for renaissance. A force to more humanity and usher in a dawn of innovation.
An opportunity to make history.

The Symphonic Set is a matched set of string instruments for an entire 53 piece Symphony, made entirely in one shop, overseen by one Master luthier. This matched set will express a single musical voice on a scale never before heard by human ears. In contrast to a typical symphony composed of instruments with differing voices (which builds dissonance), this symphony will possess a sonic signature of consonance, with the specific frequencies and amplitudes of each element working together, rather than in opposition to one another.

The unique consonance of a matched set of instruments can be sensed by humans and translates to more powerful emotion. This special emotion inspires the intuitive mind and is a catalyst for creativity. When matched ‘chamber’ sets of 30 to 35 string instruments first appeared centuries ago they helped inspire creativity that lifted Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Renaissance. This effect was also a considerable contributor to the unmatched quality and creativity of the “classical” composers.

A matched set for a full, modern sized Symphony has never before been created. This is a historic opportunity to pair with KRUTZ Strings in an endeavor of great magnitude and consequence to mankind.

We ask you to consider this legacy investment for the vast mosaic of benefits that are involved.

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