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How String Instruments Are Made

& Tour of KRUTZ Strings

We invite you to learn more about how string instruments are made and take a tour of our workshop and warehouse (with Anton Krutz as your guide)! Below you will find a video to enjoy.


If you have any further questions OR are an orchestra teacher and would like to arrange a LIVE Q&A with Anton Krutz, please email:



Below is an additional video from Anton Krutz giving a presentation for Kansas Day to hundreds of teachers and students sharing his journey about how he became a Luthier and how he has found music and the arts (especially string instruments) to be vital in creativity, education and the future!

If you would like to arrange for Anton Krutz to personally talk to your class about creativity,

please email us at:

For more information on the topic of Strings & Creativity, visit our page Creativity Conquers.

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