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Martin Luther King Jr. said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.” In our time we define "light" as creativity. That is why the dark challenges we face personally, nationally and globally can only be conquered through the light of creativity. But our challenges are always changing and constantly intensifying. Therefore, we must actively stimulate creativity. This cannot be achieved through memorizing information, which only gives you knowledge. Nor can it be achieved through learning about our world, which only gives you wisdom. The strongest and fastest way to stimulate creativity is by utilizing the emotional experiences that are created through the act of expressing art and music. 

The reason art and music are grouped together is because they are exactly the same vehicle but in different form; art is frozen music and music is liquid art. The very creative act of expressing art and music, in turn stimulates more creativity. It is a powerful self-reinforcing loop. But the fluidity and impact of playing an instrument makes music more powerful than art. 

Within music, the violin family of string instruments  are unique in that they stimulate creativity the strongest. This is due to the strings being amplified by an instrument whose original design was developed through divine geometry centuries ago. The very movement of a bow along the strings induces vibrations that resonate in consonance with the quantum frequencies that comprise all of matter. Our minds sense this vibrational consonance in our bodies to further stimulate creativity.

So if you have never played a string instrument, now is a great time to start!

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