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KRUTZ Brass Gated C Extensions

Brass Gated C Extension
Brass Gated C Extension

These extensions are truly unique. They are easy to install, easy to adjust and do not mutilate the scroll like other extensions.

Our extensions are made of brass and wood. Both help conduct the acoustic vibrations onto the scroll. This is due to the extension string going around the scroll and pressing the extension body to the scroll. This helps transfer the vibrations from the extension onto the entire scroll. This results in the scroll becoming a part of the vibrational amplitude of the bass itself. Most will notice a richer, deeper increased volume of sound to their 'E' string after the extension is installed, even with the E gate closed.

Among the many jazz and classical professionals using our extensions are: Principal bass of Boston Pops, Principal bass of Indianapolis Symphony, and Principal bass New Orleans Symphony.

BXTGCB Brass Gated-C Bass Extension $ 600

Gated Extension

K.C. Strings Brass Gated Bass Extensions Gated-C Brass Bass Extension

What to do if the scroll is at or above the neck projection line:

The Gated C-Extension will still work even if the scroll is at or above the neck projection line and no cutting of the scroll will be needed; When our extension is on a bass with the scroll that is 1.5 cm below the neck projection line then all gates open and close on the string normally. This is done by using only the top two fingers of the left hand (and the thumb underneath the brass extension body). When the scroll is higher then the neck projection line then the C string is very high above the extension fingerboard due to the fact that the extension itself is resting on top of the elevated scroll. So you have to press the "C" string down with the bottom two (pinkie) fingers of the left hand before you can close the first gate with the usual top two fingers.

Once one of the gates is closed with this two step process then the "C" string is pressed down and any other gate can be opened and closed with the usual one step process. This extra first step is so quick that it won't interfere with the playing at all.

The staff at KRUTZ have world class expertise in products and services within this field. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us: experts@krutzstrings.com

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