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  • KRUTZ 5 String Pro
    KRUTZ 5Star - Pro
    Price: $7,300.00
    5Star Pro Fiddles are the outcome of our effort to make the best five-string instrument possible, without compromise. Designed from its inception for optimum performance as a five-string instrument, the body is a little...
  • KRUTZ 5 String Elite
    KRUTZ 5Star - Elite
    Price: $5,300.00
    Made in our shop in Merriam, Kansas using the same pattern as the 5Star Pro model, the 5Star Elite Fiddle offers many of the same characteristics in a more affordable package. Made from American woods, the 5Star Elite...
  • KRUTZ 5 String Artist
    KRUTZ 5Star - Artist
    Price: $2,400.00
    Built on a 14-1/2 inch viola body, the 5Star Artist Fiddle offers exceptional performance and looks for the price. The scale is a little longer than a violin, but the sound is worth it. KRUTZ 5Star Artist Fiddles are...
  • KRUTZ 5 String Performer
    KRUTZ 5Star - Performer
    Price: $1,500.00
    The 5Star Performer Fiddle provides a great deal of performance in a small package. The body is the same size as a 4/4 violin, with internal changes to make it function well as a five-string. The sound is a lot more than...

The staff at KRUTZ have world class expertise in products and services within this field. If you have any questions please feel free to ask us: experts@krutzstrings.com

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